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Listen to History!
The sights on audio label features audio history guides produced and distributed by German publisher Andreas Janowski Verlag. With more information than a guided venue tour can offer, the audio books are a compact entertaining alternative to travel and history books.

The latest audio book "Olympic Stadium Berlin - Listen to History" is currently available in German, the English version will be released at the end of October 2007.

The audio book can easily be downloaded at various Web portals such as iTunes. "Olympic Stadium Berlin" is the first in the "Listen to History" series, upcoming audio history guides are currently in production.

Olympiastadion Berlin Olympic Stadium Berlin - Listen to History
Narrated by Viktor Pavel, enhanced with music and sounds for an exciting audio experience.

01 Olympic Stadium Berlin 1913-1945
02 Olympic Stadium Berlin 1945-today
03 Interview Michael Preetz

Deutsches Stadion, Olympic Games 1936, World War Two, Post war years, the 90´s, Hertha BSC, Reconstruction and Modernisation, World Cup 2006…

Audio sample:

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